Boats for sale

Boats For Sale in the Northeast

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Boats For Sale

Want Ad Digest Classifieds offers a huge selection of boats, kayaks, fishing boats, yachts and other types of watercraft at huge savings. We offer boats for sale by owner as well as from local boat dealers. Buying a preowned boat is a great way to save money.

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Personal watercraft

If you are in the market for a boat, consider a jet ski (sometimes called a personal watercraft), which is likely to be less expensive than larger boats. Keep reading for buying tips for boats, jet skis and other watercraft.

Personal watercraft, refer to motorized recreational water vehicles. Personal watercraft for sale may lose value after being operated, so buying a used jet ski is great way to save money and try out a new water sport.

Personal watercraft are usually operated by one person, but some jet skis are large enough for an additional passenger. In fact, larger models can also tow a water skier behind them. Because of their size and design, personal watercraft can be operated in shallower waters than other boats, and at higher speeds.

Sit down PWCs seat one or two people and are now more popular than stand-ups. Multi-person PWCs are known as “family models” and they can usually sit three or four adults. However, because they are heavier and bigger they cannot go as fast, and are less fuel efficient, than other types of personal watercraft.

Questions to ask the seller about the personal watercraft for sale: How many hours of use has the PWC had? Fifty hours or less is considered low, while 150 or higher is considered high; the average hours of use for most PWCs is 300. Ask the seller about any extras that may come with the sale – additional parts or equipment, a cover, etc. Ask for maintenance records, the title if they still have it, and ask where they have been storing the used personal watercraft for sale during the off season – ideally it should have been protected from weather elements

When seeing the personal watercraft in person you may not get the opportunity to test drive it, but if that is a possibility, do so. Also, if you are not mechanically inclined, consider bringing a mechanic with you to check out the used personal watercraft for sale. Or, some watercraft shops do inspections. Wear and tear is normal to see, but be wary of any rust – this is particularly important if you are planning on going in salt water, which can cause further rust on paint jobs.

When looking to purchase a personal watercraft it is a good idea to look at major jet ski manufacturers, such as Sea-Doo, Yamaha’s Waverunner, or Kawasaki’s Jet Ski.

Watercraft Safety

Safety should be of the utmost importance once you have purchased your personal watercraft for sale and are ready to use it. According to the University of Vermont, personal watercraft makes up less than 8% of all registered watercraft in the country, however, they constitute 36% of all boating accidents.

Read the owner’s manual (if you cannot obtain this from the seller, try to do so from the manufacturer). Wear the proper clothing and safety apparel, including but necessarily limited to the following: eye protection, wetsuit, lifejacket or flotation device, and have a whistle connected to the lifejacket. Also, most personal watercraft include a lanyard attached to a “dead man’s switch” which turns the power off if the operator falls off. Furthermore, do not operate the personal watercraft in areas where people are swimming.

Buying a boat

One more aspect of buying used boats online that we would like to touch upon – some of you in the Northeast may be searching for an Adirondack guide boat for sale. These are specific types of boats that are similar to canoes and have been around for hundreds of years. The Adirondack guide boat was originally created by guides of the Adirondack region.

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