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Buying and Selling Used Auto Parts and Used Truck Parts Online

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Buying and Selling Used Auto Parts

Buying used auto parts or used truck parts online can save you lots of money and spare you the time and hassles of combing through salvage yards. Following are a few tips to help ensure that you have a safe and satisfactory experience.

  1. Deal with a reputable seller. The Internet is replete with dishonest vendors. If you cannot find a phone number or street address on the site, beware! It’s also a good idea to search the vendor name along with the words “scam” or “complaint.”

The Want Ad Digest

has been in business for 50 years. We carry page after page of classified ads for used auto parts, with new classifieds being listed all the time. Our listings include everything from used engines and transmissions to used snow tires, hoods and grills—and you can often purchase several items together at a discount. Some sellers will offer a deal with used auto rims for sale if you purchase them with tires or wheels.

  1. Be sure that a used part is safe for the repair you want to make. Some damages can only be fixed with brand new parts; a used part could seriously compromise your safety. Items that are safe to buy used include: tires and rims; mirrors, accessories, body parts such as fenders, hoods and grills—and sometimes even engines and transmissions. When in doubt, consult your owner’s manual or seek the advice of a professional automobile mechanic.
  2. Make sure that the part for sale is the right fit for your vehicle. All auto parts come in different shapes and sizes for different models. You must know the make, model and year of your truck or automobile to find a used auto part that will correctly and safely fit your vehicle.  Knowing your VIN number will also help you identify parts, especially when shopping online for used engines and transmissions
  3. Gather as much information as possible about the part you are intending to buy. Consider the age and condition of the part. Has it ever been repaired or remanufactured? At this point, it’s wise to do business in person after finding the seller online, so that you can confirm that the used car part is exactly what you need to repair or adjust your vehicle.

Finding used parts

Whether you drive a BMW or a Buick, a Honda or a Chevrolet, you can find an array of used domestic and foreign automobile and truck parts for sale right here at Want Ad Digest.

Want to sell a used auto part? Click here to place an ad.

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One Response to Buying and Selling Used Auto Parts and Used Truck Parts Online

  1. Brian February 12, 2015 at 12:28 pm #

    When searching for used auto parts remember that your vehicle may be compatible with other makes and models. There are a few online services like that will locate a specific used part using a compatibility system known as an interchange. E.G. A 2009 Chevrolet Impala AC Condenser is also compatible with the following:
    ALLURE 05-07
    ALLURE 08 3.6L
    ALLURE 08-09 3.8L
    GRAND PRIX 05-08 3.8L
    IMPALA 06-11 3.5L
    IMPALA 06-11 3.9L, exc. police
    LACROSSE 05-07
    LACROSSE 08 3.6L
    LACROSSE 08-09 3.8L
    MONTE CARLO 06 3.9L
    MONTE CARLO 06-07 3.5L
    MONTE CARLO 07 3.9L, exc. police

    So when looking for parts here make sure you know your part compatibility.

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