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Want Ad Digest Classifieds, one of the Northeast’s premier collection of, Classifieds. We list items for sale using classifieds online from sellers all over New York, Vermont and Massachusetts and in dozens of categories.Shoppers looking for new used cars for sale online or other big ticket items, check out our growing number of car classifieds to find auto, car, truck or motorcycle that is right for you. For users posting items for sale, we offer the opportunity to reach hundreds of thousands of interested buyers monthly

Our collection of car classified ads and other classified ads has been offered in print form all over upstate New York, Vermont, New Jersey and Massachusetts, in our weekly Want Ad Digest, since 1962. Now we’re pleased to offer car classifieds online and other items as well. Most car classifieds services are either one or the other, so we pride ourselves on offering the flexibility and comfort of both of printing and online classified ads.