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Farm Equipment For Sale in the Northeast

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Farm Equipment For Sale

 The Want Ad Digest offers all major brands of farm equipment and tractors. We have a large selection of tractors for sale by owner as well as local dealers in your area. Choose from John Deere, Massey Ferguson, Kubota, Ford, Jacobsen, New Holland and much more. We even have antique tractors for sale. If you’re looking buy and sell farm animals and livestock, we offer that option too.

Farmers have enough trouble these days with the unpredictable weather, constricting rules and regulations, and additional obstacles. One way we here at Want Ad Digest can make farming tasks a little easier is to facilitate the buying and selling of farm equipment here at our farm equipment classifieds. Whether you are looking to purchase a used but reliable piece of machinery, or you are looking to make some extra money getting rid of equipment you no longer need, you have come to the right place.

At Want Ad Digest we have been connecting buyers and sellers for 50 years, and are subsequently the premier classified ads business in the Northeast. The main type of machinery we typically have available in our farm equipment classifieds is tractors. However, if you do not see what you are looking for right away in a tractor, try checking out our Heavy Equipment section; people can often list different items in differing categories. If you simply need a riding lawnmower instead of a full on tractor, head on over to Home Garden Lawn. Also, we have new ads listed all the time, so you can also simply check back right here periodically if you do not see the ideal tractor or other piece of equipment here right away.

In addition to tractors, other types of equipment you may find in our farm equipment classifieds are balers, chisel plows, seed drills, row planters, combines, or sprayers, just to name a few. Both a baler and a seed drill are types of equipment that are pulled by the tractor; the bale is used to make bales of a crop such as hay, while the seed drill is used to plant vegetable seeds. A chisel plow prepares the soil for planting. A row planter contains seeds that are ready to be planted; it is pulled across the field and can plant up to 48 rows of seeds. A seed drill is used to plant seeds as well, but it takes on an extra step by actually covering the seeds back up with soil afterwards. A combine is used for harvesting and picking the crops. And, sprayers are used to spray the fields with pesticides or herbicides, while providing a comfortable cab for the farmer to ride in.

The aforementioned items are just some of what you may find here in the farm equipment classifieds – if you are in agriculture at all, or are an enthusiastic home gardener, you can certainly browse our ads for other types of equipment as well. Do not hesitate to ask the seller any questions you may have, including what they used the farm equipment for, recommendations they have for maintaining it, etc.

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