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 How to Sell Your Motorcycle Online


Looking to sell your motorcycle for top dollar? Here are a few motorcycle selling suggestions. Do some research to find out how much your bike is worth. Look at similar motorcycles at to see what other comparable bikes are listed for. Want Ad Digest offers 2 methods of advertising for 1 low price. Your ad will be listed on our website, reaching 1000s of interested motorcycle buyers, and in our weekly magazine. This doubles your chances of finding a buyer for you used motorcycle. Other things to consider when listing your motorcycle for sale by owner:

  • Clean your bike before taking a photo. The cleaner your motorcycle looks, the better it will appeal to potential buyers. Some people may get the impression that the dirt on your ride is hiding something.
  • Give your bike a tune up. Potential buyers will be looking for a bike that starts easily and quickly. If your bike is more of a “project bike” then be sure to include that in your description.
  • A picture is worth a thousand words, so try and photograph your bike from a few different angles in a well-lit area.
  • Collect any all service records if you have them. Potential buyers will appreciate the care you have put into your motorcycle and may see it as an added value.
  • Be sure to include the mileage and list any details that make your motorcycle unique. Consider including any customizations you’ve made in the description as well.
  • Think ahead. Do you have a bill of sale and all necessary paperwork? Does your insurance company offer coverage concerning test rides?

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