Trailer types

Trailer types for automobiles

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Trailer types

If you’re heading for the campgrounds this summer and are ready to take a step up from tent camping, consider buying a used camper-trailer from Want Ad Digest. We offer a wide range of camper-trailers from reputable sellers, with new classified ads being listed all the time.

However, before you shop, consider which type of camper-trailer is right for you. Factors to consider include: what amenities you want, the number of campers you’ll need to accommodate, the towing capacity of your vehicle and, of course, your budget.

Camper- trailers come in three distinct categories: travel trailers, folding camper trailers and fifth-wheel trailer. They range from basic features to luxury campers featuring an abundance of amenities.

Travel Trailers

Travel trailers are typically 10 to 40 feet in length, attaching to the trailer hitch mounted on the back of your tow vehicle. They offer excellent mobility. For example, if you forgot the supplies for s’mores, simply unhitch your trailer and you’re off to the nearest general store, without having to tow a separate car.

Travel trailers also average 2-3 mpg more than larger trailers, such as a fifth wheel. Many travel trailers include an expanding section, called a “slideout,” that increases interior living space. Larger models typically sleep up to eight people.

Travel trailers can also accommodate add-ons, such as toolboxes, water tanks and other amenities. They also are typically self-contained and equipped with a full kitchen, air conditioner, bathroom with shower, plus holding tanks for fresh and waste water.

Folding Trailers

Folding camper trailers are lighter in weight and smaller than the typical travel trailer, and typically sleep two-to-six people, depending upon the model. These trailers feature solid collapsible canvas or hard-wall construction sidewalls that fold inward. Once at camp, simply push the trailer’s pop-up roof upward to expand the canvas sides. This will create a living space that—depending upon the model—sleeps from two to eight people, while providing kitchen, dining and bathroom facilities. These trailers range from approximately eight to 22 feet in length.

The good news about folding trailers is that they’re extraordinarily affordable, possess a low towing profile and offer a great alternative for campers looking to move up from tent camping. Folding trailers are also light enough to be towed with a family car, reduce your fuel costs. They are usually small enough to be stored in your yard.

Fifth-Wheel Trailers

Fifth wheel trailers are the most popular of towable campers. More expensive that other trailer types, they are equipped with a kitchen and bathroom, and often offer extra space. They’re easy to tow, courtesy of their gooseneck hitch, which delivers greater stability, a better center of gravity and impressive maneuverability. Most fifth-wheelers offer the convenience of a kitchen and bathroom, and some provide extra space for relaxation with family and friends.

Fifth-wheels range in size from 21 to 40 feet, sleep two-to-six people and offer the roominess and storage space that adds comfort on long hauls. It’s also easier to back up and hitch on your own, compared to the travel trailer.

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